Tax Resources

Tax Resources

The Tax Resources website is a free site with valuable, free tax resources for all. Our website provides free tax resources, fee tax help and information on tax laws, tax history, the current tax system, how to reduce taxes, tax deductions, the IRS, and various tax filing systems as well as how to get free IRS tax help. There is even a large Tax Resources Blog for you to catch up with the the most recent daily tax news on!

Why another Site on Taxes?

Because we're better. The IRS is heavily educating people how to file taxes properly. The IRS even promotes free tax filing which include IRS tax preparation help and free electronic income tax filing for low income tax filers. There are many tax software on the market such as Turbo Tax and Tax Cut which make filing taxes much easier than in the past. Tax forms are available from January through the end of Tax filing season directly from the IRS or IRS partners such as your local libraries. IRS tax forms are free and you can pick up as many copies as you like. There are also many tax preparation help places you can go to get free tax help as well as paid tax help.

For complicated tax issues, you may want to consult your CPA or tax attorneys. However, if you intend to seek the help of a CPA or IRS tax attorneys, you should do it as soon as possible. As tax deadline approaches, CPAs and IRS tax attorneys will be very busy and may not be able to take you on as a client. If you need free tax help, you can contact the IRS directly or ask at your local library. Public libraries often provide free tax help and free tax preparation help around the tax filing time.

We are updating the Tax Resources website regularly, please check back on our website for more tax topics that interest you. If you have questions or comments, please contact us. Due to the volume of tax help questions received, we cannot answer individual tax questions. However, if you cannot find the tax topics  you are looking for on our Tax Resources website, we welcome your suggestions of tax topics. If you have suggestions of what tax topics we should include on our Tax Resources website, please email us with your suggestions. We will be happy to incorporate the tax topics you suggest on our website. You can use the link below to bookmark this page for future use.

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