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Change of Address 

When you move, you should inform the IRS of your change of address. It is important that the IRS has every tax payer 's correct address on record. This is because the IRS is permitted by law to use your last known address (according to IRS records) as the place to send you any important ax notices or information requests. Many of the requests the IRS sends have severe time limitations with penalties if you don't respond in time.

Mailing tax refund checks

The IRS will use your last known address for mailing tax refund checks.

How to let the IRS know of a change of address?

The IRS has a change of address form which is the IRS tax Form 8822.  Download the IRS tax Form 8822 for change of address.

Other ways of letting the IRS know of the change of address

Before filing your income tax, the IRS allows you to tell them the change of address in several ways. Apart from using the IRS Form 8822, you may correct the address legibly on the mailing label from your tax package or write the new address on your tax return when you file. When your tax return is processed, the IRS will update your tax records.

When informing the IRS of a change of address, the IRS needs your full name, old and new addresses, and your Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number and signature. If you filed a joint tax return, you should provide the same information and signatures for both spouses.

The US Postal Service provides the IRS with change of address updates weekly. Tax forms will be mailed to the last address clearly and concisely provided by the taxpayer or the change of address information furnished to the IRS by the Postal Service.

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