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Estimated Tax Voucher

The estimated tax voucher for the federal income tax is the IRS tax form 1040-ES called Estimated Tax for Individuals. Any taxpayers who need to pay estimated tax can use the Estimated tax vouchers to pay their estimated tax quarterly.

On the Estimated Tax Voucher instructions form, there is an Estimated Tax Worksheet to help taxpayers calculate how much estimated tax to pay and how much payment to include with the estimated tax voucher. There are four estimated tax payment vouchers on the IRS tax form 1040-ES.

Must I use the estimated tax voucher to pay my estimated tax?

If a taxpayer pays his or her estimated tax using check or money order, he or she must use the estimated tax payment voucher. If the taxpayer made estimated tax payments last year, he or she should be sent the new estimated tax payment vouchers for this year with his or her name, social security number and address preprinted on the estimated tax vouchers.

If you did not receive a preprinted estimated tax payment vouchers then make sure that you fill out the estimated tax payment form correctly and sending your payment to the correct address.

Estimated Tax Voucher

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