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Form SSA-1099

What is form SSA-1099 used for?

The SSA-1099 tax form is used for reporting social security payments that are taxable. The Form SSA-1099 does not include supplemental social security income (SSI) payments because these are not taxable.

Who will receive the tax form SSA-1099?

Taxpayers who receive social security payments will receive the IRS tax form SSA-1099. Social security benefits reported on tax form SSA-1099 include monthly survivor and disability benefits.

How much of the social security benefits are taxable?

Depending on the income level and the filing status of the taxpayer, the Social security income, benefits or payments may be taxable for up to 85%.

If a dependent receives form SSA-1099

If your dependent receives the IRS tax form SSA-1099, do not include it with the parent's federal income tax return. Use the dependent SSA-1099 form for filing the dependent's return.

What is the RRB-1099 form?

The RRB-1099 form is used for railroad employee for reporting the railroad employee's equivalent of social security benefits.

Form SSA-1099

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