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Free transcript of IRS tax return 

IRS transcript of account requests

All tax payers are permitted to obtain a Free transcript of IRS tax return or the IRS record of account or
a transcript of account. The free transcript of IRS tax return can be obtained from the IRS at no charge to the tax payer.

You can get a copy of this Free transcript of IRS tax return record by writing to your local IRS office or IRS service center and indicate the tax years requested.

A free transcript of IRS tax return or IRS transcript of account will give you the following information:

  • The type of tax return filed (e.g., 1040, 1040X, 1040A) for each year
  • Your filing status (e.g., joint, single) for each tax year
  • The total amount of tax owed to the IRS on the tax return, along with what taxes has
    been paid to date
  • The Adjusted Gross Income and Taxable Income on the return
  • The self employment tax on the return
  • The number of tax exemptions claimed on the tax return
  • A record of all tax payments made to the IRS for the tax year in question

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