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Freedom of Information Act

What is the freedom of information act?

Under the Freedom of information act (FOIA for short), all Americans are entitled, with certain limited exceptions, to find out what type of records the government is maintaining on them. The IRS is no exception to this federal Freedom of information act requests rule.

Freedom of information act request exceptions

Some governmental entities are exempt from the Freedom of information act request rule. These governmental organizations contain documents that are related to national security and are considered too confidential or privileged or are related to ongoing law enforcement investigations. However, the IRS is not one of these organizations.

Filing the Freedom of information act (FOIA) claim against the IRS

When filing the Freedom of information act (FOIA) claim against the IRS, you must state specifically what information and documents are being requested under the Freedom of information act (FOIA). You must agree to pay for any copy charges the IRS incur in complying with the Freedom of information act (FOIA). Click here for an example of the type of letter you can write to the IRS to request documents under the federal Freedom of information act (FOIA).

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