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How to Deduct Taxes?

Taxes can be deducted. Knowing where and how to deduct taxes helps taxpayers file their tax returns correctly. Below is how to deduct taxes on your tax return.

How to deduct state and local income taxes?

To deduct the state and local income taxes, use Schedule A called Itemized Deductions of the IRS tax form 1040.

How to Deduct Taxes

If you are deducting income taxes then check the box 5a whereas if you are deducting general sales taxes, check box 5b.

How to deduct foreign income taxes?

To deduct foreign income taxes, use also Schedule A of the form 1040. Under taxes you paid and other taxes, you can deduct the foreign income taxes paid or you can claim it as credit against your US income tax on form 1040.

Taxpayers wanting to claim the credit for foreign income taxes may have to complete the IRS tax form 1116 called foreign tax credit.

Foreign tax credit form

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