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List of tax deductions for business

List of tax deductions for business - starting with A

  • Abandonment of property used for business purposes
  • Accounting and auditing expenses such as:
    • costs of bookkeeping
    • costs of tax strategy preparation
    • costs of preparing and filing any tax returns
    • costs of investigation of any tax returns
    • costs of defense against any IRS or state agency audits or challenges
  • Accounts receivable, worthless
  • Achievement awards - requires plan:
    • longevity award
    • safety award
    • sales award
  • Advances made to employees or sales people where repayment is not expected
  • Advances to employees canceled as bonus
  • Advertising expenses such as:
    • premium given away
    • advertising in
      • newspaper, magazine, radio, and other media
    • Prizes and other expenses in holding contests or exhibitions
    • contributions to various organizations for advertising purposes
    • cost of displays, posters, and so on at attract customers
    • Publicity - generally speaking, all costs including entertainment, music, etc.
    • Christmas presents to customers or prospects using de minimis rule

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