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List of tax deductions for business

List of tax deductions for business - starting with B

  • Bad debt - if previously taken into income
  • Baseball, softball, soccer team equipment for business publicity
  • Board and room to employee:
    • all meals and lodging if for employer's benefit
    • temporary housing assignment
  • Board meetings
  • Bonuses as additional compensation to employees
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Building expenses used for business such as:
    • repairs to building
    • janitorial service
    • painting
    • interest on mortgage
    • taxes on property
    • water
    • rubbish removal
    • depreciation of building
    • heating
    • lighting
    • landscaping
  • Burglary losses not covered by insurance
  • Business -cost of operating office
  • Business taxes except federal income taxes 

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