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List of tax deductions for business

List of tax deductions for business - starting with T

  • Taxes - all taxes paid except federal income taxes such as:
    • city gross receipts tax
    • city sales tax
    • state gross receipts tax
    • state sales tax
    • state unemployment insurance tax
    • federal social security tax
    • state income tax
    • state unincorporated business tax
    • real estate tax
    • tangible property tax
    • Intangible property tax
    • custom, import or tariff tax
    • license tax
    • stamp taxes
    • any business tax, as a rule
    • auto registration tax
    • safe deposit box tax
    • gasoline tax
    • admission tax
  • Telephone and telegraph expenses
  • Traveling expenses (includes meals, taxi fare, rail fare, airfare, tips, telephone, telegrams, laundry and cleaning, entertainment for business purposes)

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