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Tax Deductions

There are many IRS tax deductions for anyone to take advantage of. Each year, there seems to be more and more tax deductions allowed by the IRS. As more people understand the IRS tax laws and tax software such as Turbo Tax, Tax Cut, and Tax Act get more sophisticated, claiming tax deductions is easier than ever. Tax software will calculate all the tax deductions on appropriate IRS tax forms for you. All you have to do is know the amount of money you spent that you can claim tax deductions and let the tax software such as Turbo Tax do the rest.

Knowing what tax deductions are allowed can help tremendously. There are many tax tips and tax help to guide you through various allowable tax deductions. You will be surprised how many tax deductions there are that you are able to claim. But, looking at federal tax forms alone will probably confuse you. It is best to use some form of tax software to help calculate tax deductions you are entitled to.

Tax deductions

We have on our Taxes Taxes website a list of tax deductions ranging from advertising expenses to maintenance to real estate tax deductions. Click here for our list of tax deductions. In addition to listing the tax deductions on our list of tax deductions, we also discuss some of the popular tax deductions in detail in other sections of our Taxes website.

Standard tax deductions vs itemized tax deductions

Bear in mind that sometimes standard tax deductions pays more than itemized tax deductions. In this case, if you are using a tax software, the tax software will alert you to use standard tax deductions rather than itemized tax deductions. In other cases, it pays to itemize your tax deductions. Most people don't bother with itemizing tax deductions and just use the standard tax deductions. It's simply and easy to do so.

Example of when itemizing tax deductions is not as good as taking standard tax deductions

For example, if you don't own a home, don't have a mortgage which is a large chunk of your tax deductions, itemizing your tax deductions may come out less than using the standard tax deductions allowed for the year. You are allowed a certain amount of tax deductions if your file for yourself and a different tax deductions amount if your are married and filing jointly. If you are confused as to what tax deductions are allowed in your case, seek free tax help or tax tips near you or by the IRS.

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