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There are many IRS tax forms for different tax filing purposes. You have to know which tax form to use otherwise your tax return may be rejected. Most of the time, if you use one of the good tax software, the tax software will ensure that you are filing your tax return correctly and using the correct tax forms. Tax software such as TurboTax or TaxCut will automatically fill out the worksheets and necessary tax forms for you without you even knowing that those tax forms are needed or even exist.

Your income is divided into:

Below are some common tax forms and related tax documents that you may come across.


Tax reporting forms
Items reported on that tax form
W-2 All income such as wages including tips.

Taxable interest income including some dividends that are considered interest income.

1099-DIV Dividends.
1099-G Unemployment compensation, state and local refunds.
W-2G Gambling winnings.
SSA-1099 Social security payments.
1099-R Retirement plan distributions.

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