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How the federal income tax history began

Tax history in the US began with George Washington or Thomas Jefferson. In tax history, income tax was first established in the US in 1862 to finance the civil war. The income tax introduced was very unpopular especially after the war had ended. Income tax became history in 1872 when it was discontinued. 

However, tax history of income tax did not end in 1872. Income tax was reintroduced in 1913. Since then, the federal income tax history has been that Congress, the president, and US citizens and tax payers fight over how to efficiently and fairly tax the citizens to finance the operations of the national government.

Federal income tax history is full of tax reform and tax reduction which have been campaign themes in nearly every presidential election since 1913. Most politicians in the history of income tax realize that running a campaign on increasing taxes is a sure way to get defeated. Yet, while no one in the history of income tax publicly admits to wanting to increase taxes, the reality of nearly all "tax reforms" in the history of income tax is that taxes rise and the tax laws get more complex.

Since the beginning of federal income tax history, politicians continue to spread an anti tax, anti IRS message. However, an average American will continue to pay federal taxes, state taxes (if applicable), and local taxes. Smart people, however, have succeeded in paying less tax through some tax reduction interpretation of the tax laws.

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