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Tax records

Tax records is another example of why tax payers don't file their taxes. Many tax payers do not file tax returns because they lack the tax records they need to prepare an accurate tax return. However, tax payers should treat the lack of tax records as merely a delay to filing the tax return and not as an excuse not to file the tax return altogether.

If you don't have your tax records necessary for tax preparation

If you cannot find your tax records you need for tax preparation, you should first get a tax extension to file the tax return. If you still cannot find your tax records within the tax extension time you receive from the IRS, you may consider requesting tax information from the IRS to prepare the tax return.

Requesting your IRS tax records from the IRS may sound strange. However, the IRS will provide your IRS tax records information at no charge to you, and this tax records from the IRS may contain enough detail for you to prepare the return.

For example, the IRS can provide IRS tax records information concerning many different sources of income that tax payers report such as wages, nonemployee compensation, interest, and dividends. By obtaining your tax information from the IRS, your tax return will contain all the information of which the IRS is already aware.

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