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Tax return preparation is often something that most people dread. Most tax payers often put off their tax return preparation to the last minute even though most tax return filings are quite straight forward. Nowadays, tax return preparation is even easier with the help of the IRS and tax return electronic filing.

There are several ways to help a tax payer in the preparation of tax return, to make tax return filing an easier process.

Tax preparation online

If you  have a computer, there are many tax preparation software programs available to help you with tax return preparation. Some tax software, you download to use off line. Some tax software, you fill out the tax forms online and you can even file your tax return online in a matter of seconds. Filling out the tax return forms  online can however be tedious. Some tax software are better than other tax software.

Tax software to help with tax record keeping for your tax return preparation

In order to ease a your tax return preparation process, you should organize your tax records throughout the year rather than wait until April to look for your tax return records. Many tax payers wait till the last minute and have the pressure of the last minute tax return preparation. Many tax software programs, such as Quicken, can assist in this tax record keeping process.

Seek help from tax attorneys or CPA for complicated tax return

If a tax return is very complicated, a tax payer may want to consult tax attorneys or CPA to help with tax preparation. Although this may be expensive, it may also be necessary to avoid future problems with the IRS. The tax attorneys' fees can be money well spent to help a tax payer avoid an IRS tax audit. A tax attorney may also help a tax payer reduce taxes owed to the IRS.

Tax attorneys or professional fees deductible

A tax payer can claim the fees as an itemized deduction (along with safe deposit box rental fees, investment expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses).

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